This Date, 3 years ago

It was early in the morning, perhaps 6am, that we were gathered at the Sisowath High School ground. The school principals then ordered students to find themselves a small-short stick fits enough for a small flag. After that they gave out number of flags, two kind of flags they are: the national Cambodian one and the Royal sign one. It is free-rule for students to handle both or just one of them.

Then we marched off the school, down to the quiet eastern road toward the park in front of the royal palace. It was 8 am and there were already countless number of people over there. We also noticed the Khmer Royal Armed Force there, they were to perform the national anthem and other important rhythm for this special occasion. The seats were still empty, however, because other students from other schools haven’t arrived yet. We found ourselves appropriate places to seat, hope for a full view to the palace, where the king would emerged. We were waiting for over an hour before a proper protocol started and we witnessed the biggest event of the year.

At near noon time, the king appeared at the upper front of the palace and made a speech. Every stood up and cheered our new king. Then, the balloons were released to help celebrate the king. Everyone was very happy to be at that special occasion. I don’t even believe that I could be there for such a great moment.

A few moment later, the whole gathering was dismissed. Everyone went home with pride.


Here are the pix:



4 thoughts on “This Date, 3 years ago

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