ASEAN Clan comes to live

Special thanks to Laibcoms, ASEAN Clan has come to life.

This is the site.

We are currently building it, with the help of Bhaskara (Indonesia).

We hope to see more changes on it

3 thoughts on “ASEAN Clan comes to live

  1. Wow! that is a great idea (ASEAN blog)Congratulation and best wishes!Looking forward to share some of the mightyview there.Later,

  2. Okay, but you have to complete the project first because if we tell people now,and they come over to try it, and it doesn\’t work, then they may not like it.Thus, I propose, once the site is fully functional, you post messages on all the forums that you hang out in, and I will do the same. That ought to give us a good kick off. How\’s that sound?

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