Mid-term Approaching

My study at RUPP has come on its half-way. Mid-term is on the verge, in two weeks time, I will confront it.

Last time, I got both 4th position for both semester while i was at my previous class: E1. Now, I’m in class M1, which consists of many talent students. I know that I should do more to make myself competitive with them.

While mid-term is approaching, I feel that my plan on internet is yet to get fruitful result. The ASEAN Blog plan is on the move, but thankfully, with the help of Bhaskara, Laibcoms, Beerlao and Malacan, I find myself in the safe state to pause my activities for a short period of time.

Hopefully, I get good result for my Mid-term test.


2 thoughts on “Mid-term Approaching

  1. Hi Denith,I hope you put your study above everything else. The Net will always be here, but the time will not.So, good luck with your school work.Later,

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