Angkor show boosts Khmer profile

Thursday, 6th September 2007


A new attraction will be added to Cambodia’s famous World Heritage site Angkor Wat: a light & sound extravaganza.

grand show, dubbed "The Legend of Angkor Wat: When History Comes to
Life", will feature over 150 stage performers, a 12×30-metre
waterscreen and a variety of special effects. Designed to give audience
a more vivid picture of the past glory of the ancient Khmer Kingdom as
well as the beliefs and lifestyles of its people, the show will take
place daily from November 24 to January 20, 2008, on the lawns behind
Angkor Wat (its east side).

According to Bayon CM
Organizer, a Cambodian-Thai joint venture that runs the show, there
will be no use of explosives for special effects as that can harm the
World Heritage site. The performace, both its content and operation,
has reportedly been approved by Apsara Authority, the agency that
oversees the protection and management of Angkor and other historical
sites in Siem Reap.

Tickets for the one-hour show are
priced at US$60 and 80 – the latter, if it’s not for the front-row
seats, will include an international buffet dinner at 7pm, an hour
before the show starts.

This particular show will also be
included in tour packages offered by Diethelm Travel and its partner
hotels such as the Angkor Palace Resort & Spa and Le Meridien

For details, call Diethelm Travel (Thailand) at 02-660-7244 or visit this web site:

Source: Ki Media

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