Oh My God! What happened to my dear CF? I couldn’t log the page, I have no idea what is going on.

CF used to face such problems before: Hackers, service problems and page problems. I hope none of these are tree for this moment.

I hope its just regional problems, but it doesnt seems so, Joe from Australia, Annie from Singapore and My brother at Canada also can not open this page.

KB must knows what’s going on. I hope i can contact him now.

Cambodia Forum is the first ever forum i joined… i have great love for this site. Online without CF is kinda boring, eventought its not an active forum as before but, i can find news and informations about Cambodia there.

I hope everything would be alrite.

13 thoughts on “CF NO MORE

  1. Calm down Denis! It aint the end of the world.
    There are tooo many anti-Khmer culture in that place. All they want to do is to wipe out our tradition
    and heritage and replace it with their westerner culture. I bet they will replace your skin and blood
    with westerner\’s too if they could. Who the hell would want to hang out in a place like that? 
    Screw KB, he\’s an idiot who suffered from a delusion. He think he know every from living in Australia,
    but fact of the matter is he know crap.
    Voodoo Pro.

  2. Hey Voodoo, i say you shouldn\’t say harsh words to KB! I respect him.
    About CF, I really love it, i know there are many other forums but for CF, there is something special which keep me in. I know for you it is simple to give up one forum for another, but for me its hard.
    I will try to fulfil my promise Voodoo, on the other hand, I will try to take a picture of the Central Market. I know its for the Chinese people, but who are they? Mind telling me?
    Hey, no matter what, don\’t forget to contact me.

  3. Get serious Denith, we don\’t need no Lonolian like KB to bash our country, culture, and heritage.Westerners culture and heritage suck, and you know that fair well.Aside from that, why don\’t you post a bunch of News here, and I will tried to comment on it.Get Pka Chook to help you find the news if you want. I bet she bored to dead right now, LOL.As for those Chinese people who want to see picture of Phnom Penh, some of them are studentsjust like you, and some of them are my co-workers, and their friends, and friends of their friends, … . Btw, do you study Chinese Language in school? I think it will come in handy for jobs in the future.Later,Abra, hahaha …, Cadabra …VoodooPro

  4. I don\’t know Chinese abit, even i have Chinese blood. 😀
    Yeah, its a good idea to post a news here. I will try to contact to AL by the way.

  5. Great!BTW Denith, after posting a few comment here, I just realized that you have to be a member of  HotMail to comment here. This will restrict some people from participate in the discussion. Therefore, I recommend you move your blog to Google instead. I think that is where KI Media broadcast their news. Let me know if that is feasible for you to do.Later,

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