RUPP's result and number 4

WELL, this morning, the result of RUPP’s Final test is released. And you know, i got 682 points which is the 4th highest point in my class. For the first semester, i also got this "4th" for my marks, and now here, again. Maybe, number 4 is my number. You know, i used to play football for my class and i had number 4 for my shirt. And in my family, im the 4th grandchild. Well, maybe i have to watch for more number 4.

Back to the basic, so, the result came out… 4th of the class. I say it is a nice result, comparing to the situation and my capability. I have done good with the C Programming and Mathematic, I got highest point for those 2 subjects (83 for CPR and 89 for MAT). I forgot to remind you all that, i study IT at RUPP.

Well, looking forward for next semester success.


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