Red party memory

On 25th March 2007, I hosted the most important event of my life, the Red Party.

Actually, it is not my first time, I have done many party at my house numerous times, but this one is very special.

Everyone were all in RED (well, there were some exceptions :D), and we got 90% of our plan worked out. That is my best success in all Party i ever arranged.

Two things that hurt me that day:
1. The amount of people attended was less than expected.
2. We didnt manage to get a good video capture for this event. Actually we did, but it wasnt work quite well. Nah! Forget it! Truly hurtful.

There were a traditional dance, performed by my classmates from RULE (Royal University or Law and Economics) and it was brilliant.

And also, we managed to play some traditional games as well as some creative games.

Anyway, i hope next year i will be able to arrange the same party again and this time, i will make a more desirable aspects.


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