Final is approaching

The Final test at RULE is set to be held from July 12th to 19th. Its gonna be one busy week for me, but i will have more free time after this. I havent been to update my spaces and the PS spaces and homepage, i have been too busy with studying and stuff. I have some problems with my own… mind if i tell u what, i prefer to hide it.
Anyway, its world cup period here so everything looks like as if it has been paused by a miracle power. Me too, i havent done thing that i should have done coz i am busy with the WC. 😀
But im back now, i have more time to come to internet.

One thought on “Final is approaching

  1. Hey Bro,
    What problem are u having ? Ít\’s ur sist, u don need to hide it! Let me know in da email, perhaps i can help! Well, eventually, M free for 3 weeks! To study and no uni! wow! i have all the time that i need! So my mission is to read books! Well, so far im finishing one book..Have you read The Vinci Code. I find myself quite attached to the story! IThat one is awesome. Soon, i\’ll be reading a history book! Oh well shout back when u have time!
    From ur fab sist

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