4th day: Dallat to Saigon

The fourth day starts at 7 am when we departed to one waterfall resort. I can have time to relax my mind and try to refresh my head. WE didnt spend much time there, coz we hurried to return to Saigon.
As we arrived at Saigon at about 4pm, the guide leads us to Anh Dong Supermarket. I and my friend  bought  sport shirts and we hurried to the bus. But we arrived late, everyone was waiting with anger. We have to sorry them along the way. But, actually, its not US who sorry them, coz there was one more person who arrived later than us. 
WE had a wonderful dinner on a boat. I never had dinner like this before, its quite romantic. The 4th night was an early sleep, since everyone spent all their money so we couldnt play card or go out. :D, actually, i think this is important to sleep early coz we were about to leave tomorrow.

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