The Trip to Vietnam: 1st Day: Phnom Penh to Saigon City

I woke up at 3am, took bath, got dress and re-checked my properties for this 5-day trip. As everything was alrite, i called to wake my other 4 friends to assure that they know the time. So, i got to the Tourist Company Headquater before the others, and wait until all of them arrived and we set off. In the bus, there were nearly 40 people, mostly old people with small children. I sat at the half back of the bus, try to sleep more.

We were travelling for 3 hours before we reach NEAK LERNG, where we had to cross the river by the local ferry.

We arrived at the Cambodia-Vietnam Border in Bavet at 10 am… we checked in and wait for the others, and we re-set off for Saigon at 11 pm. We had lunch at 2 pm and we reached the hotel before 3. We agained, travel to DAM SEN resorts and we had fun there until 5 pm. Although we got a quick-schaduled trip, but we had much fun… specailly the rolling coster really mad my friends silent coz of its terrifying speed. It did shocked me as well, plus, it was about to rain and there were lightening… really scary.

We returned to the Hotel after dinner, but we didnt stay there for too long. I came out to nearby internet cafe whereas my friends go to night club. At mid-night, we played card until 1:30 am in the morning and we slept for some energy re-gaining.


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