Second day: Saigon to Dallat

As for second day, we were going to Dallat, cold, remote but crowded and beautiful city on the mountain.
In the morning, all of my friends still asleep, coz we had had a little sleep the previous night, had been playing card until 1:30 pm. But i was not the first one to get up and prepared for the trip. I was lying on bed, listening to music. Lol… but we still managed to catch up with everyone else of our tour trip team (team C). We had breakfast at the hotel, the food was not good at all, but what else can we get? i dont know much Vietnamese and i dont where there serves better food. Moreover, it would be unwise to go to have breakfast outside, coz we would delayed the trip.
We set off at about 7am… heading to Soi Teng… another resort, entertaining ground. We spent about 3 hours there: we tried another rolling coster… but this one wasnt as exciting and horrifying as the one in Dam Sen. We experienced the Haunting underground passage… man… we entered there with other 20 people but i got out only with one of  my friend: Loung. I kept waiting for the others to come out and it had been 30 minutes since i found the exit… wonder what had they done in there? DROLLz…. We visited many other places in there… including the hell…
We quitted Soi Teng and went to have lunch in somewhere central between Dallat and Saigon. On the way up to Dallat, we crossed the hill and valley… the road is really terrifying us… and the driver did drive really fast like racing in the NEED FOR SPEED. U know what: HE LOST HIS PHONE WHEN WE WERE IN SOI TENG… maybe he was too furious about it… we felt sorry about this.
Okay, we reached Dallat at about 6pm… and we headed to Restaurant before going to the hotel. Hotel in Dallat doesnt contain Air Conditioner ,coz the weather is the Air Conditioner itself.
At night… we went to the Market and the famous shopping place in Dallat… we walked around until 10pm and we returned to the Hotel. At that night, we played card again… until 3am… really, really exhausted.

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