Farewell my dear friend

Sothea has been my friend for 4 years… although we are now apart coz hes migrated to USA, but we still friend.
Yesterday, he left Cambodia and fly to his new home in USA (i didnt ask him which state) i was not there to say farewell. We did have a farewell party 2 days ago at Lucky Seven Restuarant and i think i did enough to show my appreciation that he found his new destination. Hes a nice person and hes helpful as well. I remembered that year when we went to school together, hes always came and picked me up at home and took me to school. I do hope we can chat in MSN or YM or in the forum. I wish he has a great life there.
Farewell Sothea

One thought on “Farewell my dear friend

  1. Joe
    ah, Sothea must be your best friend who give you a car ride to school.
    i thought it\’s AngkorianKnight (AK) whose name is Sothea also.
    anyway, i hope Sothea did not go to Long Beach or anywhere in California because he could turn out to be a gangbanger and this is not good.
    Keep talking to him. You have a well connection of friends and I do not have well connected friends, most of them gone or went to jail. I dont have much friends now. I should keep contact with my friends. I have learnt a lesson from looking at the way how you treat your friends. You are very wise in relationships indeed.

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