Destination: Vietnam

There are holidays coming… 12th May to 17th May… what a rest? what a break? there is no ritual ceremony… no serious & personnal involvement in these 5 days… people are completely free from work. So… what will be my plan?
My brother ask me if i can go and visit him at Bangkok, my mom really wants to go to Singapore and Malaysia… but my friends invite me to join their journey to Vietnam for 5 days. Thats exactly what i’ve been waiting for. The possibility that i will go to Bangkok is less than Singapore coz i will be alone on the trip until i reach Thailand. However, the trip to Singapore and Malaysia also unclear coz it would be two days after her arrival from a huge ceremony at her homeprovince… and she would be too exhausted to travel on plane. So, the other option is left undoubt… and as my dad allows, i will go to Vietnam with my friends and im 80% sure. Im really looking forward to this journey.

3 thoughts on “Destination: Vietnam

  1. Gee what the plan you\’ve got there! On the 16th May i\’ll  be travelling to the main campus of my university which is 2 hrs drive from my city! The campus is surely bigger than my campus coz my campus is jus a branch so im quite excited to be there! I\’ll be there for the whole in order to attend a career seminar! Maybe i might find the right job! A\’right! which ever plan u get with, have fun and please stay safe!
    Rock on dude!

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