SKy story

This is my first ever blog so im going to tell some story of mine.
I am a forumer, and my best forum is Cambodia Forum. I have many friends there, and yeah, i wont forget my enemy. But they are all gone from the site, some of them remain. But that doesnt matter at all, coz CF is going well with some new active members. Im the fourth person who has the most posts. CF is like my home.  
Anyway, i have account in many various forums: AsiaFinest Forum, World Connection Forum, Jpopmusic Forum and other small forums. The AF Forum is very large and full of racist when i first get there, but now, they were all eliminated.
Im living in Phnom Penh and i meet people from all over the world, thats an interesting life for me. I got friend who is Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, and some other nationality.
WEll, i guess thats the start. I will come and update things here.

3 thoughts on “SKy story

  1. great myspace Denith! you must have done a hard working job to make it. its fabulous! i like reading your blogs and your photos are awesome ^^

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